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Bomanite Imprinted Concrete System

For over 70 years Bomanite Imprint Systems has offered homeowners and design professionals the finest custom paving and flooring product in its class.

Architects and designers use both Bomanite and Bomacron in residential, commercial and municipal applications where plain concrete or asphalt is to be upgraded or installing natural paving materials are too expensive. e.g. granite or slate.

Currently the Imprint System features a wide range of patterns and colour choices and an infinite variety of custom tooling options. Click here to choose an imprint pattern to fit your needs.


The original cast-in-place, coloured and imprinted architectural concrete paving. This product provides an imprinted pattern that has a smooth surface between the joint lines. Simulating smooth tiles, new brick and certain smooth stone surfaces.


A textured version of the original cast in place, coloured and imprinted paving that provide an added dimension of texture and relief between the joint lines. Simulates a wide variety of natural materials e.g. sandstone, slate, granite, limestone, wood and cobblestone.

Concrete Graphics

Provides geometric paving patterns and colours to create unique graphic paving designs.

The products that go into our successful installation include our proven Bomanite concrete mix design, the colour hardeners, specific installation techniques used by our crews and the application of a proper sealing system resulting in a durable floor that will give you many years of service.

Continuous training and new products are received from the leader in the imprinted concrete industry, Bomanite USA and the world.